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Dutchmaster Nurseries cultivates over 1000 acres of land in the production of a large variety of tree and plant materials for the commercial and industrial landscaping industry. Our specialty is large caliper trees. However we supply a wide assortment trees, shrubs and plants including many specialty items. You can search for the variety you have in mind on the above plant locator.

Dutchmaster supplies approximately 90,000 trees annually, transported to desinations throughout central Canada and the north eastern United States, usually on our own fleet of trucks. Efficient service is our goal and most orders, be it tens or hundreds, are shipped within a day or two. Ordering and shipping options are discussed on this website.

From our original growing site in Pickering, we ship trees and shrubs including conifers that have been proven cold hardy for the Canadian climate. The selection and suitability of plant materials is extensively detailed and discussed on this website.

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Nursery Equipment

Since 1970, Dutchmaster's specialty has been wholesaling large caliber trees to the commercial and industrial landscape trades. Digging trees has always been both a pleasure and a challenge for us, as our counts can exceed 90,000 per year. To support this core business, optimum production in the digging and transplanting methods remains our constant focus.

In the early 1980's, Dutchmaster started to design, develop and manufacture of the Dutchman Tree Spade. Continual design upgrades and expansion over the past two decades have resulted in a number of models that can deal with trees of all calipers. During this time we have earned a reputation for efficiency and dependability and product excellence. Today, Dutchman's Tree Spades represent the industry standard for tree equipment throughout North America.

In addition to the Dutchman Tree Spade website which offers a large selection of nursery equipment and supplies we now offer a website for our Dutchman Truck Spade series of products.

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